Maintenance done!
posted 02/13/2018 17:00:32 by Rascal

Thanks for your corporation!!

This BitZeny mining pool is version 1.01.
If you have 2.0.x miner, please use New ZenyPool !!

Under Maintenance!
posted 02/12/2018 23:04:54 by Rascal

Service is under Maintenance now...

Thanks for your patience!!

The Official Logo Contest is coming!!
posted 01/07/2018 20:37:01 by Rascal


The formal logo contest of bitzeny will be held from.January 22,2018

(Reward 40000ZNY over!!)

If you have some interests, access this site(

(This site is Japanese only, so you can ask about contest in bitzeny telegram channel



(賞金40000ZNY over!!)


Thanks for visitting!
posted 12/26/2017 22:38:28 by Rascal

Please see Getting Started page!